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Etchells Fleet 13 Super Bowl ODW Update 2

Despite the Super Bowl on Sunday, the turn-out for this coming weekend (Feb 4-5) is looking strong with 19 Etchells already registered and more expected (calling Chris Busch), with at least three teams travelling in from Seattle to enjoy our great weather and racing. The SDYC RC fleet will again cooperate with our request for shorter courses close to Zuniga Jetty for less transit time and more races, and get us ashore in time for the 3:30p kick-off on Sunday.
Everyone should be aware that the hoist areas are undergoing repairs, thus only the West Etchells hoist will be available this weekend – there will be no hoist available at the Star pad area so plan accordingly.  Also the Dockmaster requests that no boats be placed, even for a short period of time, on the side of the hoist pad that is being worked on (the left side as you look towards I-Dock) and that it be kept dry - so no wash downs in that area.
Also, in addition to the Whit Davis Tractor now stored in the Etchells mule shed, the old electric mules are available for our use. The red electric mule is currently stored in the Junior Sailing Center (someone in the Dockmasters office can help gain access to it) and the gray mule is stored by the Star hoist. Each mule must be returned to its designated location after use for re-charging and protection from the elements.
See you on the water,
Bruce Nelson