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Superbowl Eclipsed by Seattle Slew

For San Diego Etchells Fleet 13, the upset came from Seattle, not New York, and was in the form of a Blonde Antelope, not a New York Giant.  In the second ODW for Etchells Fleet 13, Keith Whittemore (Blonde Antelope, #1152) (23 points) bested Bruce Nelson (Rhino #986) despite Nelson’s impressive record of three firsts (28 pts).  Andrew Whittome fell off his red hot pace, finishing third for the weekend, (41 points).  Fred Laffitte, also from the Pacific Northwest, finished fourth with a very respectable 47 points, followed by J. J. Fetter, sailing with daughter Marley  and Mark Butler(48 points).  With a second Laffitte (Nicholas) in the fray, it appears that again our neighbors from the north are co-opting the fleet and “schooling” the locals in light air wind and tactics.
Despite early forecasts of 10-12 kts, Saturday began with a potential for offshore winds cancelling any sea breeze.  When a light north-westerly breeze (4-6 kts) filled in on Saturday morning, the RC managed two quick races before the wind collapsed.  After moving the course to the South, the RC set another short course for the Etchells and J105’s.  The breeze appeared consistent on the left and right; as many of the competitors (including your author) learned, appearances can be and were deceiving with a definite breeze line on the left.   Contrary to local theory, the right proved disastrous despite the appearance of wind based upon the short wind chop on the right.   Despite these shifty / tricky conditions, the RC managed to finish 4/5 races on Saturday.
Sunday proved to be an equally beautiful day as Saturday, but the breeze and course location made for much more consistent racing and tactics.   With three almost flawless races in the books, the RC and competitors retired early to check with their bookies and make last minute superbowl bets. 
Aside from the three bullets to Nelson, the elusive first place finishes were equally distributed to Pat Stadel ( Triskaidekaphobia #1313) , Barry Ault, Kurt Eve and Geoff Davis (Bermuda Triangle #1016), Laffitte on Hustle and Flow, and Andrew Whittome (Down Under #1283).   With just 8 months since the 2011 Worlds, the game is back on in Fleet 13, with stiff but friendly competition, followed by the inevitable raconteurs comparing their mark roundings and finishes.   To finish off the weekend, Kjeld Hesteheve (Broken Windows) distributed freshly picked avocados to all comers, proving again that the Etchells class ranks first in sportsmanship and camaraderie.  Thanks Kjeld!!  The racing is great, and the collegial atmosphere is the best, so take a weekend and try sailing with Etchells Fleet 13.