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Rhino Triumphs in Bill Bennett Cup: A Celebratory Start to the 2024 Etchells West Coast Spring Series

San Diego, CA – March 18, 2024 – The San Diego Yacht Club proudly announces the conclusion of the Bill Bennett Cup, setting an exhilarating pace for the 2024 Etchells West Coast Spring Series. This prestigious event, a focal point of the series, celebrates the legacy of the esteemed sailor Bill Bennett and exemplifies the pinnacle of competitive sailing.

This year's cup witnessed the outstanding victory of Rhino, led by Bruce Nelson with crew members Carter Cameron, Paula Schmid, and Parker Mitchell, demonstrating exceptional skill and teamwork. The competition was fierce, underscoring the high-caliber talent within the Etchells community.

Bill Bennett Cup Final Standings:

  • Overall Results:
    • 1st: Rhino - Bruce Nelson / Carter Cameron / Paula Schmid / Parker Mitchell
    • 2nd: Capricorn - Brad Rodi / Al Pleskus / Matt Hecht / Greenfield Nguyen
    • 3rd: Lifted - Steve Hunt / Erik Shampain / Serena Vilage / Parker Shinn
  • Corinthian Division:
    • 1st: Capricorn - Brad Rodi / Al Pleskus / Matt Hecht / Greenfield Nguyen
    • 2nd: Second Wind - Will La Dow / Jake La Dow / Andy La Dow
    • 3rd: Avalanche - Paul Taylor / Fritz Lanzinger / Anna Taylor

Leslie Bennett shared her emotional connection to the event and her contribution to its legacy: "The annual Bill Bennett Regatta at San Diego Yacht Club honors the incredible legacy of my late husband. Crafting a unique quilt for the champions is a deeply personal tribute, connecting me to Bill's enduring spirit and the community he loved. This year's quilt, a favorite of mine, embodies the essence of his passion for sailing and our shared memories."

Bruce Nelson, reflecting on his team's victory, emphasized the competitive spirit of the series: “The racing was close and the points tight. Our team's focus and determination were crucial in maintaining our lead. Winning the Bill Bennett Cup is a great honor, and we are excited for the upcoming regattas in the series.”

The series promises more thrilling action with the following events:

  • Midwinters West: April 5-7, 2024
  • Pacific Coast Championship: April 27-28, 2024
  • Orca Bowl: May 18-19, 2024

The San Diego Yacht Club and the Etchells community extend heartfelt congratulations to the winners and participants of the Bill Bennett Cup, embodying the passion and excellence of sailing.

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