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Xavier Sheid Appointed as Chairman of North American Etchells Association

Earlier this month Tim Keyworth, Chairman of the Etchells North American Association decided to step down due to other pressing commitments, thus necessitating the search for a new class Chairman. Outgoing Chairman Keyworth and NA Class Secretary Pam Mayer canvased the Board of Governors and other active member-racers on the east and west coast and are pleased to announce the appointment of our own Fleet 13 Fleet Captain, Xavier Sheid as the new Chairman, effective immediately.

Since assuming the role of Fleet Captain in 2015, Xavier has made it a priority to develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with the Etchells NA office. Through this collaboration, he has come to understand some of the challenges the Etchells NA Association faces in serving local Etchells fleets across the country. Historically, our fleet’s Class Officers have always worked diligently to make sure that Fleet 13 coordinated closely with the NA office on the various administrative and planning functions we share.

In addition, since San Diego Yacht Club and Fleet 13 have a strong track record of hosting well-managed events over many years and the fact that Fleet 13 is one of the most active Etchells fleets in North America, the North American Class thought that it would be an ideal situation to have a Fleet 13 officer serve as class Chairman.

Xavier will continue in his role as Fleet Captain. To assist with the busy 2017 Fleet 13 regatta schedule, Xavier has appointed a committee of Fleet 13 Members to help manage the major regattas including the 2017 West Coast Spring Series and the 2017 Etchells North American Championship. The committee members include Michael Terry, Summer Greene, Charlie Mann and Marnie Buddo. Each of the committee members will serve as regatta chair for one of the four individual WCSS events to distribute tasks evenly. The committee will continue with the organization and management of the 2017 Etchells North American Championship scheduled here in San Diego in August.

Mike Terry


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