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2017 Fleet 13 Roster

To Register for 2017, you can register online as a skipper or crew. If you would prefer to register by snail mail, fill out the form and mail it in.

Fleet 13 members who are logged into the site can view contact information for other members.
First Name Last Namesort descending Sail # Boat Name Membership Type
Brian Burks 1313 Crew Registration
Thomas Carruthers 1411 Elizabeth Skipper Registration
Andrew Coldicutt 1313 Skipper Registration
Jeremy Davidson 1313 Skipper Registration
Kevin Downey 1152 Blond Antelope Crew Registration
Joe Erskine 1313 Triskaidekaphobia Crew Registration
Kurt Eve 1016 Bermuda Triangle Skipper Registration
Summer Greene 909 Mostly Harmless Skipper Registration
Kjeld Hestehave 971 Miss Murphy Skipper Registration
Charles Hope Crew Registration
Frederic Laffitte 1281 Hustle & Flow Skipper Registration
Justin McCarthy 1066 Lola Crew Registration
Andrew Palfrey 1411 Elizabeth Crew Registration
Patricia Stadel 1313 Skipper Registration
Michael Terry 1263 Blue Fin Skipper Registration
Brian Thomas 1152 Blone Antelope Crew Registration
Edward Trevelyan 1066 Lola Skipper Registration
Keith Whittemore 1152 Blond Antelope Skipper Registration
Alex Yakutis 1066 Lola Crew Registration