Midwinters West, March 30-Apr 1

Its that time of year as Etchells head to San Diego from all over the Western US. Sailors from as far as Houston, will participate in this annual regatta. Sign up today to take on some of the best sailors in the world, in America's finest City.
We will have 3 solid days of sailing in the waters of San Diego.. There will be plenty of food, fun and camaraderie at this wonderful event. We look forward to seeing you here.

Superbowl Eclipsed by Seattle Slew

For San Diego Etchells Fleet 13, the upset came from Seattle, not New York, and was in the form of a Blonde Antelope, not a New York Giant.  In the second ODW for Etchells Fleet 13, Keith Whittemore (Blonde Antelope, #1152) (23 points) bested Bruce Nelson (Rhino #986) despite Nelson’s impressive record of three firsts (28 pts).  Andrew Whittome fell off his red hot pace, finishing third for the weekend, (41 points).  Fred Laffitte, also from the Pacific Northwest, finished fourth with a very respectable 47 points, followed by J. J.

Etchells Fleet 13 Super Bowl ODW Update 2

Despite the Super Bowl on Sunday, the turn-out for this coming weekend (Feb 4-5) is looking strong with 19 Etchells already registered and more expected (calling Chris Busch), with at least three teams travelling in from Seattle to enjoy our great weather and racing. The SDYC RC fleet will again cooperate with our request for shorter courses close to Zuniga Jetty for less transit time and more races, and get us ashore in time for the 3:30p kick-off on Sunday.

SDYC Etchells Fleet 13 Whit Davis Tractor Protocol

In 2010, Etchells Fleet 13 member Geoff Davis made a generous contribution to the SDYC Sailing Foundation for the purpose of procuring a suitable new mule for the fleet’s use, known as the Whit Davis Tractor in memory of Geoff’s father who served as Etchells Measurer and US Sailing Senior Judge for many years.  Fleet 13 and SDYC have now agreed to establish the following Protocol regarding the use of the Whit Davis Tractor:

Etchells Fleet 13 Super Bowl XLVI One Design Weekend Update

Well, now it’s all settled – Super Bowl XLVI will be a repeat of the NY Giants vs NE Patriots game in 2008 (and we all remember how that turned out) thus there is no longer any excuse not to race Etchells Feb 4 & 5.  This ODW will kick-off the 2012 Fleet Championship Series, so sign-up now at the SDYC website (http://www.sdyc.org/raceinfo/races12/onedesign/feb.htm) and go enjoy some fresh air and fun competition.